Diving Log 2.2 for Windows Phone released

You should see the update notification on your Windows Phone 7.5 within the next few hours, and it contains some great new features:

  • Secondary Live Tiles
  • More dive data
  • Navigate through your logbook with linked items
  • Tap-to-dive support in the statistics
  • Landscape support on all pages

You can now pin parts of your logbook data right onto the start screen of your phone, e.g. a dive, equipment item, dive site, buddy, your next trip or your certifications for quick and easy access. When you tap on the tile you get straight to that item within your logbook. Most of the tiles are 2-sided and display further information on the back, e.g. the next service date of your equipment or the GPS coordinates of that dive site.

You can tap now on any section on the dive overview page to navigate to a detailed page with more data. Now almost the complete logbook data from your desktop logbook is supported on Windows Phone (editing of that data will be possible early next year). When you tap on linked items like country, city, place, trip and dive center, you can navigate right to that item. You can also tap on the statistics page on any of the highlighted numbers to navigate to that particular dive. That gives you a nice and fluent navigation through your logbook data.


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