Diving Log 5.0 – Latest Updates

I want to give you a quick overview about the recent updates of the current version 5.0:

  • Backup function added
  • External tools management added
  • UDDF Import improved for DR5 dive computer
  • UDDF Export improved for DR5 dive computer
  • Support for Mares Icon HD (Import DiveOrganizer)
  • GUI Improvements when Windows runs in classic style

The backup function has been improved a bit since version 4.0 and is able to maintain several different logbook files. The backup files can also be zipped.

Backup Function

The external tools function is now also included. With this function, you can add a shortcut to any file or program to the “Tools” menu.

External Tools

External Tools Manager

If you own a DR5 dive computer from HeinrichsWeikamp, you can use the new improved UDDF export to upload any dive from any dive computer to your DR5. Make sure to set in the export settings the “DR5 Compatibility” option to “True”. With the improved UDDF import you can select now several UDDF files and import them at once. This makes it much easier to import from the DR5 where every dive is stored in a single file.

UDDF Export

If you own a Mares Icon HD dive computer, please write me an email. I need some dive data from the Icon HD in order to test the import function a bit more (I had no real data during the development of the importer). Thank you!

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