Bluetooth LE Download Support (Beta)

I have a new beta version of Diving Log 6.0 with Bluetooth LE download support. If you have one of these BLE dive computers:

  • Shearwater Perdix AI, Teric, Nerd 2
  • Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix, Aladin H Matrix, G2
  • Suunto EON Core, EON Steel
  • Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 2, OSTC 4, OSTC Plus, OSTC Sport

download this zip file and copy the content into your Diving Log 6.0 program folder.

If you have one of these Mares computers with Bluelink:

  • Mares Smart, Smart Apnea, Smart Air, Quad, Quad Air, Puck Pro

download this zip file and copy the content into your Diving Log 6.0 program folder.

Start Diving Log, open the downloader and select your dive computer. If you see the “Port” dropdown, make sure “BLE” is selected. Enable also “Log Errors”:

Bluetooth LE Download

Make sure the dive computer is as close as possible next to your Bluetooth receiver and the dive computer is in Bluetooth mode, then try to download. If it does not work, send me the error log by clicking the blue “Error Log” link which will show up. If it works, please let me also know (email or comments).

When you click on “Discover”, you will see the paired and unpaired devices. If you have more than one paired dive computer of the same manufacturer, you have to click “Discover” to pick the right one.

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12 Responses to “Bluetooth LE Download Support (Beta)”

  1. Dave Sturtz says:

    Hi Sven,

    This post found me on Bonaire after a couple of nice dives off Klein Bonaire this morning.

    I have a Suunto Eon Core. On the first try I was able to download some dives but not all, however, I forgot to enable error logging that try. Since then I can’t get any dives to download.

    The only thing on the Core I’m seeing to enable Bluetooth is General, Connectivity, set Airplane Mode to Off. I then go to Downloader, set to BLE, then click Discover. Under Searching Bluetooth LE Devices a line with the Core’s serial, followed by what I guess is a bluetooth address, appears. That soon is replaced by a line which has the bluetooth address to begin: 0c:8c:dc:21:5e. If I click OK to that, the download attempts, and fails.

    Here is the error log:

    BLE Protocol:
    Select device BluetoothLE#BluetoothLE30:52:cb:85:6c:40-0c:8c:dc:21:1e:5e
    Device selected: Bluetooth 0c:8c:dc:21:1e:5e
    Number of Gatt Services: 3
    Device ID: BluetoothLE#BluetoothLE30:52:cb:85:6c:40-0c:8c:dc:21:1e:5e
    Is Paired: True
    Connected to service: 98ae7120-e62e-11e3-badd-0002a5d5c51b
    Failed to connect to device: BluetoothLE#BluetoothLE30:52:cb:85:6c:40-0c:8c:dc:21:1e:5e

    INFO: libdivecomputer-0.dll version: 0.7.0-devel
    INFO: Diving Log version:
    INFO: Windows 10 (1803 | Build 17134), Version 6.3.17134

    I then tried with a second Core (my wife’s). On the first try one dive was downloaded, but no error log was produced. Subsequent try fails, here is the error log:

    INFO: Open: transport=32
    INFO: Timeout: value=5000
    INFO: Write: size=20, data=7E00000100000000000400000002002A007AA09C
    INFO: Write: size=2, data=307E
    DEBUG: cmd: size=16, data=00000100000000000400000002002A00
    INFO: Read: size=0, data=
    ERROR: Failed to receive the packet. [in suunto_eonsteel.c:222 (suunto_eonsteel_hdlc_read)]
    ERROR: Failed to receive the packet. [in suunto_eonsteel.c:343 (suunto_eonsteel_receive_ble)]
    ERROR: unable to initialize device [in suunto_eonsteel.c:765 (suunto_eonsteel_device_open)]

    BLE Protocol:

    INFO: libdivecomputer-0.dll version: 0.7.0-devel
    INFO: Diving Log version:
    INFO: Windows 10 (1803 | Build 17134), Version 6.3.17134

    It will be great if this can be made to work!



  2. divinglog says:

    Thanks Dave! Strange that it works the first time, but fails the 2nd time on both computers. Please note that the Suuntos are special. They can be paired only to one device (phone or PC) at a time. Once they’re paired, you have to remove the pairing to pair them to another PC. To do so, go to:

    General -> Connectivity -> Forget mobile

    If a dive computer is paired to your PC, you can click directly on “Download”, not “Discover” which is only needed for unpaired devices.

    Also, make sure that your Eon is not in “Airplane mode” (also known as Flight Mode):

    General -> Connectivity -> Airplane mode

  3. divinglog says:

    Hi Dave, can you try the latest version (I’ve uploaded a new one):

    I think I know why it worked the first time. Both computers were probably not paired and the pairing forced the connection. I’ve now changed a few things and hopefully it will now connect to paired devices as well.

  4. Nelly says:

    Are you still wanting feedback on this?

  5. divinglog says:

    Yes, the zip file above has been updated already several times based on feedback. The Shearwater and HeinrichsWeikamp downloader should work now reliable, if you have the Sport Matrix or G2 let me know (I’ll have a new update coming).

  6. Nelly says:

    I have Shearwater. I’ll still give it a try though, to confirm.

  7. Ian Leiman says:

    I downloaded the beta support for BLE and tested with my Shearwater Predix AI dive computer on a Windows-10 laptop.
    I was able to download all 90 dives without issues.
    At quick glance looks like all data has downloaded correctly.

    This is really great and I am really happy about this new feature ?
    Now I can download directly with DL6 and no longer have to route the downloads via Shearwater Desktop, which was quite awkward.

  8. Roy Whitehead says:


    Great to see that your are working on Bluetooth LE. I would be happy to help your debug a Mares Dive Link if you get round to adding this device.

    Mares’s own software doesn’t support it yet which is extremely frustrating.

    Cheers Roy

  9. divinglog says:

    Hi Roy

    Yes, Mares BLE support is now in libdivecomputer and I can add this to Diving Log. Please stay tuned for an update.


  10. Roy Whitehead says:

    Hi Sven,

    Thanks, I saw that a new .c was added for the Mares 2 days ago :-).

    I am looking forward to the update and would be happy to help with testing if necessary.

    I will watch the site and wait for your notification.

    Cheers Roy

  11. divinglog says:

    Hi Roy

    I’ve updated the download link the blog post and those Mares computers will show now the “BLE” option in the port dropdown list:

    Smart, Smart Apnea, Puck Pro, Quad Air, Smart Air, Quad

    Please provide any feedback via email and include the “Error Log”.

    Thank you,

  12. Franck DUMONT says:

    I have a shearwater Perdix Ai, and for downlaod you must start first the software downlaod and after put de perdix in bleutooth.

    but it’s very long the transfert time as if it transfert all dive and not the new dive