Diving Log 6.0.14 released

A new update with many new features is now available for download (Menu Help > Check for updates):

  • Marine Life Management
  • Marine Life Print & Table Editor support
  • Marine Life Sightings in Logbook Window
  • Marine Life Import from Encyclopedia of Life
  • Marine Life in Tree Browser
  • New Logbook fields: Desaturation-, No Fly- & Scrubber Time
  • New Logbook field options: Water Type (Chlorinated), Entry Type (Pool, Aquarium, Jetty, Ice) & Supply Type (PSCR, Sidemount, Surface)
  • Profile Bookmarks
  • High Resolution Signature support
  • Better Apnea support
  • Dive Stamp in Logbook & User Information
  • Medical Statement in User Information
  • Shearwater Desktop Import update for Teric
  • Diving Log Import improved
  • Copy & Split Dive improved
  • Facebook Share Dialog fixed

The iOS and Android updates with support for these new features will be available soon.

Here you can see some screenshots:

Marine Life

Encyclopedia of Life Import

Dive stamp, sightings & 3 time fields

New field options

New Tank & Gas options

Personal stamp & medical statement

Better Signature

Apnea Dive Support

Profile Bookmarks

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4 Responses to “Diving Log 6.0.14 released”

  1. Tom Knudsen says:

    Excellent news, thank you very much.. Love this program!!

  2. divinglog says:

    Thank you, Tom!

  3. Andrey Posashkov says:

    This is great software and you make it perfect every time. Proud that I am a small part of it.

  4. divinglog says:

    Thank you very much, Andrey!