Diving Log 5.0 – preliminary report

Today I want to give you an overview about the version 5.0 development progress. I’ll point out which features are already completed, which features still have to be converted to .NET before a first beta release and which features will be skipped (for the beta or completely).

Already completed features:

Partially completed features:

Not yet completed features:

  • Main program window
  • Detailed information dialogs (Country, City, Dive Site, Buddy, Equipment)
  • Downloaders: Sensus Pro
  • Importers: SmartTrak, DataTrak, IRIS/DRAK, Suunto DM 2.x / 3.x, Oceanlog, PC LogBook, ProDive/ProLink, Sensus Manager, Citizen)
  • Exporters: MySQL, HTML
  • Search
  • Template Manager
  • Other dialogs (Sort Logbook, Settings, Backup, Update Check, Welcome Center)

Features written in gray color will be included later after the first beta. I’m not sure if I include all the missing importers already in the first beta release, so maybe I add some of them later because you can still use Diving Log 4.0 to import your dives. Diving Log 4.0 and the first 5.0 betas will use the same logbook format, so you can easily switch between both versions back and forth for missing features.

Features which will be probably not included in version 5.0:

  • Logbook Browser
  • The two other calculation tools (Volume/Depth and Buoyancy)

I think I’ll skip these 2 features because they are probably barely used and there are more important features to work on.

As you can see a lot of things are already done, some things can be included after the first beta because both versions share the same logbook format in the beginning. Later on I’ll expand the 5.0 logbook format to store more data in it. Next I’ll start working on the detailed information dialogs which should be completed very quickly.

Below I want to show you 2 screenshots from the just finished user information dialog and one more screenshot from the report designer where I’ve added a few more variables due to user feedback I’ve got recently:

User Information

User Information



New Variables

New Variables in the Designer

The “ProfileAvailable” Boolean variables can be used to determine if a profile is available. So you can print for example either the profile or photos at this position. I’ve added also more data from the dive site details, like comments, dive site map image and the rating.


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