Diving Log 6.0.3 released

Today I’ve released a new update for Diving Log 6.0, with the following new features and improvements:

  • New AV Manager (Underwater Technologies) import
  • DiveSystem DiveLogger import improvements
  • Shearwater Desktop import improvements
  • Poseidon MkVI import improvements
  • Subsurface import improvements
  • Mares Dive Organizer import improvements
  • New Libdivecomputer
  • Download dive computer memory dump
  • Signature popup for unlinked buddies
  • iOS Sync improvements
  • Logbook table summary fix (imperial units)
  • Bug Fixes

Download dive computer memory dump

When there is a problem with the dive computer downloader (e.g. error message or wrong data), you typically have to send some analysis data to Jef Driesen from libdivecomputer. In the past this was a bit cumbersome and required downloading a separate command line tool and executing it in a DOS prompt. This is now a lot easier, because it is built directly into the Diving Log downloader:

Log Errors and Dump File

Log Errors and Dump File

All you have to do is expanding the “Advanced Settings” section in the downloader and check the “Log Errors” and “Dump File” checkboxes (the “Dump File” box is only visible when the “Log Errors” box is already checked. For some dive computer models this function is not available). When both options are selected, you can download your dive computer normally. After the download, Diving Log will package the error log and the dump file into a zip file and prompt you to save the file to your PC. Then you can email it to Jef or me.

Signature popup for unlinked buddies

Previously, the signature popup was only visible for linked buddies (those with a chain icon). Now it is also available for unlinked buddies (with a pencil icon). That way you can easily view signatures without adding the signature field into your layout.

Buddy Signature

Buddy Signature

Logbook table summary fix (imperial units)

The summary in the table window was displayed in metric units, even if you’re using imperial units. This has been fixed and depth/temperature summary is now displayed correctly:



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2 Responses to “Diving Log 6.0.3 released”

  1. Dave says:

    Sven, good work as usual! Might I suggest a link to the download in the blog post? Might I also suggest the file be named divinglog603.exe so one knows what one is downloading and can keep track of the versions? I knew from experience that the file on the Downloads page would be the latest version, but it might be that not everyone would know that. Thanks again!

  2. divinglog says:

    Hi Dave

    Thank you very much! Diving Log has now an auto-update function, so you usually don’t have to go to the download page anymore. Just start Diving Log and you will see the update prompt. If not, you can check manually (Help > Check for updates). Diving Log will then download and install the latest version.

    The installer from the website is only necessary if you want to do a fresh install on a new PC.