Diving Log 6.0 Beta 9

A new beta update is now available. What’s new?

  • New themes included
  • Additional logbook layouts added
  • OSTC Simulator added to the “Tools” menu
  • Danish localization completed
  • Suunto DM5 import updated

Diving Log 6.0 has now additional themes, so if you don’t like the minimalistic default look, you can switch to Office 2010 themes or even a “Diving Log 5.0” theme. Click here to view all available themes.

Office 2010 Silver

Office 2010 Silver

Diving Log 6.0 in 5.0 camouflage

Diving Log 6.0 in 5.0 camouflage

In the “Layout” tab of the logbook toolbar, the additional default layouts are now included. Your own custom layouts will also automatically appear in the gallery, so you can easily switch between layouts. Please note, the layout file extension has changed from *.xml to *.lay. If you have already created your own layouts with the beta 6.0, you may have to rename the file extension manually.


Custom Layout

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2 Responses to “Diving Log 6.0 Beta 9”

  1. Brian R Paules says:

    This program just keeps getting better. Thanks again for a fantastic program!

  2. divinglog says:

    Thank you, Brian!