Beta version update

I’ve just released the 2nd update since the beta version went public a week ago. So far the beta version is very stable and I received just some minor bug reports, so I could spend most of the week adding missing features to Diving Log 6.0. Btw, the auto updater works perfectly, so updating Diving Log is now fast and easy (click “Help > Check for updates” to start the update process manually).

In this blog post I want to show you 3 minor improvements, which I added lately. First, you can now switch the 3rd profile graphic (warnings and gas switches) to any other profile graphic:

Three profile graphics

Three profile graphics

I’ve also added the ribbon application menu in the latest beta, which contains the most important functions from the main window. That way, you can launch other functions right from the logbook window and even switch logbook files, without going back to the main window. This is especially useful on small devices where the logbook window is likely maximized and hiding the main window.

Ribbon Menu

New ribbon menu

In the user information window, you can now sort your certifications either by date (as before) or by name. You can also hide the thumbnails, if you want:

User certifications

User certifications

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2 Responses to “Beta version update”

  1. Brian R Paules says:

    So far I appreciate the ease with which I can modify the main screen by adding new fields. Great improvement for us non programmers. Graphing is still great. Also importing the existing dive log was quick and easy. Thanks

  2. divinglog says:

    Thank you, Brian!