Diving Log 6.0 – Logbook sneak peek

I’ll be on vacation from 4 February to 19 February, so it will be a few weeks until the next blog post. Today I want to give you a sneak peek of the logbook window improvements (more about that in March). But first some statistics: Diving Log 5.0 contains actually 60 separate windows, most of them are already transferred over to version 6.0. After my vacation I’ll complete the logbook window, table editor, statistics and some other things. Then the first beta version will be available for download.

Here you can see the new logbook ribbon with a jump list, to quickly navigate to a certain dive number:

Jump-list to quickly navigate to a certain dive

The ribbon also supports “Touch Mode” like in Office 2013 and is user configurable. The new gauge and compass console is also already finished:

Gauges1The new profile drawing function is also improved and fixes some issues from version 5, e.g. the redrawing glitch which you can see when you drag the profile window off-screen and back into view:

Version 5.0 redrawing bug, fixed in version 6.0

Version 5 redrawing bug, fixed in version 6

This is a small preview of some of the logbook window improvements. I’ll show you more when the window is complete and everything is in place. Stay tuned!

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