Diving Log 5.0.10 released

Diving Log 5.0.9 was just released a few days ago, but unfortunately the new universal downloader had a bug which caused a crash in some circumstances. Today you can download version 5.0.10 and use the update setup either from 5.0.8 or 5.0.9. I’ve added also a few other things:

  • Universal Downloader bug fix
  • New import from Subsurface
  • Improved Suunto Dive Manager 4 import (gas switches and deco)
  • UDDF Import optimized for Submatix SPX42
  • Missing translations in some languages fixed

The Subsurface import was tested only for metric Subsurface logbooks, so if you have a logbook with imperial units it may not work correctly. Please send it to me if you want to import such a file.

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