Dive Rite NiTek Logic import

This update is for all Dive Rite NiTek users: finally I was able to create an import function and you’re able to import your dive data from the NiTek software. Due to a hint from a Diving Log user I was able to identify the logbook format. You can download the import here:

ImportDiveRite.zip (Update: this is included in Diving Log 4.0.13, so you no longer need this file)

Don’t extract this setup into the Diving Log program folder, because it uses also the newer SQLite runtime mentioned above. But all other components of Diving Log are using still the old version so there would be conflicts. Please extract it to any folder (e.g. onto your Desktop) and use it currently as standalone import program. With the next Diving Log 4.0 update (soon) you will be able to start this import directly from Diving Log. As usual, please provide feedback!


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