Diving Log 3.0 for Windows Phone released

The marketplace testing team was really quick and approved version 3.0 of Diving Log for Windows Phone (you should get the update notification in the next few hours on your 7.5 device). This is a big update and brings finally the long awaited editing functionality to your phone. Now you can add, edit and delete the following logbook data right on your phone:

  • Dives
  • Countries
  • Cities
  • Dive sites
  • Buddies
  • Equipment
  • Shops and dive centers
  • Trips
  • Personal data and certifications

I’ve implemented many data pickers, so you won’t have to type a lot of text. You can also add photos from the pictures hub or right from the camera and store them within your logbook. You can upload the changes to your Dropbox and import them to the Diving Log desktop version, where you could merge your dive data with profiles and other data from your dive computer. When you’re done you sync everything back to your phone.

In the next couple of minor updates I’ll add things like GPS coordinate picker for dive sites, buddy signature, equipment items used for a dive and more.

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