Normalise the buddies table

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Normalise the buddies table

Post by scubal » Sat Feb 24, 2018 07:37

I love DL and have been using it for years.
It keeps getting better but there is still one *big* design problem.
The way 'buddies' are used in the program is not normalised.
As a Database analyst for many decades this causes many problems in the logic. query and reporting.
What do I mean?
Buddy names are not stored as individuals with 1-to-many relationships. They are stored as unique strings.
so dives with 3 different buddies - in different combinations - are regarded as dives with 9 different buddies :(
Even if the order of the buddies if different - they become another 'new' buddy string.
Sally, John
John, Sally
Sally, Peter
Peter, Sally

....are all different 'buddies' (rather than the same buddies, multiple times)
I know this is a schema change and non-trivial but I really beleive its required to resolve the reporting and integrity of the underlying tables. Could you consider a process to normalise the way buddies are recorded in future versions?

PS Hope my explantion makes sens but I'm happy to clarify if not.

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Re: Normalise the buddies table

Post by divinglog » Sat Feb 24, 2018 20:16


Thank you for the feedback! I agree, this is not optimal, but changing it won't be easy. I will think about it and discuss with the iOS dive log developer about that.

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