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Logbook Report - CoolBluePhotoA5

Post by froop » Mon Dec 19, 2016 23:45

I'm sharing my new logbook report, taking some inspiration from a number of the user contributed reports here (http://www.divinglog.de/english/downloa ... te=Desktop).

If you do download and try it out, I'd be happy to hear feedback and take any suggestions.

[EDIT: Please make sure you uncheck the "Diving Log 4.0 Compatibility"]
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CoolBluePhoto Report for DivingLog 6.0
Mark Stiebel - Dec 2016

* Double sided printing, with offset gutters for inside spine
* Coloured icons for dive types (pier/photo/wreck/training/
* Calculate gas used (currently only for metric units)
* Depth in 0.10m increments up to 10m, then in 1m increments
* Show multiple buddies if applicable
* Shows DM/instructor, if applicable
* Shows deco plan, if applicable
* Shows profile included gas used
* Prints photo page, with layouts customised by photo size and qty

* Dive types: To change/add dive types, just copy one of the icons and
edit the formula for the correct dive type label and image
* Dive Master: If the Divemaster field is populated, the DM name will
show on the bottom of the Buddy section. If the dive has
been tagged as a training dive, the DM will be labeled as
"Instructor". In this case, only the first Buddy is shown
* Deco Plan: If the deco-plan field is populated, the "Comments" section is
reduced in width, and the deco plan shown below the "Buddy"
* Photos: If photos exist, a page will be added after the dive. There is
a different layout for each combination of photo dimensions,
which can be customised to individual preferences.
- 1 x portrait
- 1 x landscape
- 1 x square
- 2 x portrait
- 2 x landscape
- 2 x square
- 1 x portrait, 1 x square
- 1 x portrait, 1 x landscape
- 1 x landscape, 1 x square
Due to limitations of the reporting engine, thumbnail versions
of all photos are required to increase performance. See below.

Photo Thumbnails
1. Create a folder called "thumbs" in the directory where your photos are stored.
2. Generate small thumbnails for all your photos, saved as ".gif" into the
"thumbs" folder. The thumbnails are used only for calculating image dimensions,
and should be as small as possible. I used maximum dimensions of 30px, and only
2-bit color for best performance. I recommend FastStone ImageViewer to batch
create thumbnails.

* Logic exists for up to 5 photos, but pages layouts only exist for up to two
photos. I am still undecided whether its worthwhile fitting more than two
photos on a single A5 page.


v1.4 - 20/12/2016
* Included deco plan
* Adjusted some right margins for print area
* Change comments field to automatically size the font. This works well for fitting in
long comment fields, but for only short comments the font is huge.
* Disabled gas switch labels from displaying on the profile
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Re: Logbook Report - CoolBluePhotoA5

Post by divinglog » Tue Dec 20, 2016 19:38

Wow, thank you very much for sharing! Can I add this to this to the Report download page or should I add a link to this forum post, so you can update it yourself if necessary?

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Re: Logbook Report - CoolBluePhotoA5

Post by froop » Tue Dec 20, 2016 21:50

Sure, happy for it to be added to the download page with a link to this thread.

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