Request for data from Shearwater dive computers

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Request for data from Shearwater dive computers

Post by TnT » Sun Sep 24, 2017 09:47


To make some improvements for the Shearwater dive computers, I'm looking for some additional test data for each different model (Petrel 1 & 2, Nerd, Perdix and Perdix AI). Any Diving Log users who want to help me with that?

To collect the data, you need to download your dives using the libdivecomputer dctool command-line application, which you can download here: ... petrel.cmd

You need to execute it with the following options:

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dctool.exe -vv -l petrel.log -f petrel download -o dive.%n.bin -f raw <serialport>
where you replace <serialport> with the correct virtual bluetooth port (e.g. COMx). If you're not comfortable running a command-line application, you can also use the petrel.cmd batch file to run the application with the right options. Place it the same directory as the dctool application, and then start it by simply double clicking. Note that the batch file has COM4 hardcoded as the serial port. If that's not the correct port, you'll need to edit the batch file first.

When the download finished, you just need to email me ( the logfile, along with all the dive.*.bin files.

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