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New public beta version available

Monday, August 13th, 2018

I’m excited to announce the public beta of the next update for Diving Log 6.0, which you can download today. This update has a lot of new features which require a logbook database update, so please make sure to backup your logbook before downloading this update! Once you’ve backed up your logbook, you can either download a full installer or just a zip file, which you can extract into your existing Diving Log 6.0.13 program folder:

If you’ve downloaded the full installer, you can either overwrite your existing Diving Log installation or use it as new installation on a test system. If you’ve downloaded the zip file, please make sure you’ve already installed the latest version 6.0.13. Then copy the content of the zip file into the existing Diving Log program folder, overwriting the existing files.

If you’re interested in translating the new features to your language (other than English and German), please contact me.

What’s new?

  • Marine Life Management
  • Marine Life Import from Encyclopedia of Life
  • Marine Life Print & Table Editor support
  • Marine Life Sightings in Logbook Window
  • Marine Life in Tree Browser
  • New Logbook fields: Desaturation, No Fly & Scrubber Time
  • New Logbook field options: Water Type (Chlorinated), Entry Type (Pool, Aquarium, Jetty, Ice) & Supply Type (PSCR, Sidemount, Surface)
  • Extended Layout has been updated for the new fields
  • High Resolution Signature support
  • Dive Stamp in Logbook & User Information
  • Medical Statement in User Information
  • Shearwater Desktop Import improvements
  • Facebook Share Dialog fixed

Here you can see some screenshots of the new features:

Marine Life

EOL Import

Dive stamp, sightings & 3 time fields

New field options

New Tank & Gas options

Personal stamp & medical statement

Better Signature

Diving Log 6.0.11 released

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

A new update for Diving Log 6.0 is now available with the following new features:

  • New Tank Pressure 1-3 Combined profile
  • New Tank Pressure (Calculated) Profile
  • Tank Gauge Improvements
  • Tanklist variables in Report Designer (all tanks)
  • Android MTP Sync in Windows Creators Update fixed
  • Ratio Divelogger 4 Import

If you don’t have an air-integrated dive computer, you can now view a calculated tank pressure profile, based on your SAC rate and depth profile. The result is surprisingly good (I’ve compared numerous recorded and calculated tank profiles). Below you can see a 70m dive with measured tank profile on top and calculated tank profile on bottom:

Measured and calculated tank profile

Here you can see another example of a dive with two tanks (sidemount) and several switches between both tanks. The calculated profile is almost identical to the measured profile of the two tanks:

Calculated tank profile with two tanks

You can see, even without air integrated dive computer you can now get a detailed tank profile in Diving Log. The tank gauge on the right is also using the calculated profile if no tank sensor data is present.

If you are diving with more than one tank pressure sensor, you can now view optionally all 3 tank profiles merged into one graphic:

3 Tank profiles in one graphic

And last but not least you can finally add the data of all tanks in the report designer to your print layouts. The data is provided in the form of several “LogTankList…” variables, which contain each data type (e.g. tank size) of all tanks in form of a list. You can combine them and get a nice table view of all your tanks:

All tanks in the report designer

Diving Log 6.0.7 released

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

The latest update Diving Log 6.0.7 is now available with the following new features:

  • Share on Facebook
  • Layout Improvements (Group Style, XML Formatting, Empty Layout)
  • New Layouts (Subsurface, Shearwater, SuuntoDM)
  • Filter Improvements (Divetype, BuddyIDs, UsedEquip)
  • Detail Data Sorting (Buddies, Shops, Trips)
  • Cloud Sync Folder Config Button
  • Logbook Profile Graphic export improvements
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

You can now easily share any dive profile on Facebook directly from Diving Log. Optionally you can add photos and a message to the post, which will appear right on your timeline:

Share on Facebook

I’ve added a number of improvements to the logbook layout function. You can now change the style of layout groups, which was not possible previously. When you save a layout file, the XML syntax within the *.lay file is now formatted properly, so it is a lot easier to do some editing in a text or xml editor. Sometimes it is easier to do minor changes with a text editor directly in the *.lay file instead of using the layout function. I’ve also added an empty layout which you can use as a starting base to create your own layout, so you don’t have to clear up an existing layout.

Layout group style and empty layout

Better layout XML formatting

During my tests of the layout editor, I’ve created 3 new layouts myself to see how everything works. The layouts are roughly inspired by other applications (Suunto DM, Shearwater Desktop and Subsurface) and can be downloaded from the layout website.

You can now also save a 64 x 48px image with the same name as the layout file into the layout folder. The image will be used as icon in the layout selection list in the logbook window for your custom layouts.

Shearwater Layout

Subsurface Layout

Suunto DM Layout

In the filter window, you can now apply filters to the dive type and equipment fields more easily by selecting them from a dropdown list. In the Buddy, Shop and Trip window you can change the sort order of the list. In the Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and ownCloud sync dialog you can now configure the sync folder manually, if it isn’t picked automatically. And last but not least you can configure the profile graphic export format.

Logbook filter improvements

Detail data sort order

Cloud sync folder configuration

Profile graphic export

Diving Log 6.0.6 released

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

I’ve released a new update for Diving Log 6.0 with the following new features:

  • Divesite map in logbook window
  • Tanklist in logbook window
  • Extended Layout updated
  • DAN Diver Safety Guardian Upload
  • Office 2016 Ribbon theme
  • Downloader improvements
  • Android USB Sync device lookup improved
  • Drag and Drop logbook files to main window
  • Import all waypoints of a GPX file as new dive sites
  • French localization improvements
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Logbook window improvements:

You can now include the “Tank & Gas” list directly in the logbook window. Additionally you can add a map view to your logbook layout, which automatically shows the dive site of the currently selected dive on a map. I’ve updated the “Extended Layout” which now includes both new items. In the screenshots below you can also see the new Office 2016 theme, which you can select in the preferences dialog.

Tank & Gas List

Tank & Gas List

Dive Site Map

Dive Site Map

DAN Diver Safety Guardian Upload:

You can now upload your dives to the DAN Diver Safety Guardian website, for additional decompression risk analysis and statistics. Read more about that feature on this page.

DAN DSG Upload

DAN DSG Upload

Other improvements:

If the Android USB sync dialog did not show your connected Android device, please try it again. In this update I’ve improved the device lookup and it should now show up. There are also improvements in the dive computer downloader as well as the latest libdivecomputer library. You can now also drag and drop Diving Log logbook files (*.mdb) to the main window to quickly open them.

Sync directly to MTP connected devices

Sync directly to MTP connected devices

Compare Profiles

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

The next update later this week will contain a new (and long requested) feature: comparing dive profiles. You can now overlay different dive profiles (even from different logbook files) in a single window. This is useful if you want to compare profiles from your buddy or from different dive computers. Simply click the “Compare Profile” button in the profile tab of the logbook toolbar:

Compare two profiles

Compare two profiles

Switch to the next dive and click the button again for each profile you want to add to the stack. I recommend you move the logbook and compare windows side by side. The x and y axis is automatically adjusted to the deepest and longest dive. You can switch at any time to another logbook file, the Profile Compare window stays open and you can add profiles from your buddies. You can see here 4 profiles from 4 different divers:

Compare profiles from 4 divers

Compare profiles from 4 divers

Beta version update

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

I’ve just released the 2nd update since the beta version went public a week ago. So far the beta version is very stable and I received just some minor bug reports, so I could spend most of the week adding missing features to Diving Log 6.0. Btw, the auto updater works perfectly, so updating Diving Log is now fast and easy (click “Help > Check for updates” to start the update process manually).

In this blog post I want to show you 3 minor improvements, which I added lately. First, you can now switch the 3rd profile graphic (warnings and gas switches) to any other profile graphic:

Three profile graphics

Three profile graphics

I’ve also added the ribbon application menu in the latest beta, which contains the most important functions from the main window. That way, you can launch other functions right from the logbook window and even switch logbook files, without going back to the main window. This is especially useful on small devices where the logbook window is likely maximized and hiding the main window.

Ribbon Menu

New ribbon menu

In the user information window, you can now sort your certifications either by date (as before) or by name. You can also hide the thumbnails, if you want:

User certifications

User certifications

Diving Log 6.0 – Logbook Window

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Today I want to show you the new logbook window in Diving Log 6.0 (the first public beta will be available later this month). I’ve split this blog post into 5 separate posts for each section (just scroll down on the main page or click the links below):

Diving Log 6.0 – Logbook General

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

The logbook window in version 6.0 has now a new jump list to quickly navigate to a certain dive in your logbook. This is especially useful when using touch, as you don’t have to scroll through all dives:

Jump List

Jump List

When using an unlinked country, city, dive site or buddy (pencil icon), clicking the button at the end of the field opens a menu which enables you to convert the item to a linked item with a single click. Clicking the “Convert all to linked” menu item will automatically convert all unlinked items to linked items and fill them into the details section of your logbook:

Automatically convert unlinked items

Automatically convert unlinked items

Clicking the button for a linked item (chain icon) shows you some detailed information directly in a popup. You can even view dive site images right in the logbook window:

Dive site details

Dive site details

Clicking the dive site image enlarges it

Clicking the dive site image enlarges it

The buddy popup shows you all selected buddies including a small photo and the signature field. Clicking a single buddy takes you to the buddy details window. Clicking the signature opens the signature window to sign the dive. There is still a separate signature control, which you can add directly to the logbook window.

Buddy Popup

Buddy Popup

Diving Log 6.0 – Comments & Photos

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

The comments field supports now two modes: plain text and RTF (Rich-Text-Format). By default, the formatting controls are disabled for new dives and comments are saved as plain text. If you want to enable formatting, click on the “Rich Text” button in the comments toolbar:

Enable Rich Text to use formattings

Enable Rich Text to use formatting

This can be done for each dive independently. When syncing with smartphones and tablets, the formatting is lost anyways and most users probably don’t use the formatting options for most dives, so it makes sense to activate RTF only for those dives, which need formatting. There is also a new spell checker included, which can be activated for the comments field.

Photo Tab

Photo Tab

The Exif display for photos is now improved. The most important Exif data is displayed in a single text field row. When clicking the button at the end of the field, you get a very detailed popup with lots of additional information:

Detailed EXIF data for each photo

Detailed Exif data for each photo

Diving Log 6.0 – Additional Tab

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

The additional tab got a major redesign from version 5.0 and contains now more fields, which were previously hidden in the default layout:

New additional tab layout

New additional tab layout

When clicking the buttons behind the dive center or trip fields, you can now open the details window to add or edit an item, or if an item is already selected, you can view some details right in a popup:

Trip popup and equipment list

Trip popup and equipment list

The user defined fields control has been improved and you can now rename the field name directly in the control:

User defined fields

User defined fields