SkyDrive Sync on Windows 8.1

August 8th, 2013

If you want to use the SkyDrive synchronization in Diving Log 5.0 on Windows 8.1 you must ensure the “Divelog” folder within your SkyDrive is available offline, otherwise Diving Log cannot access the files within this folder and the synchronization doesn’t work. To do this, open Windows Explorer, right click the “Divelog” folder in your SkyDrive and select “Make available offline”. If you prefer, you can do the same in the metro style app.

Make available offline

Make available offline

Make offline in Metro app

Make offline in Metro app

In Windows 8.1 SkyDrive doesn’t download all files by default. Instead you have to use the above function to get Diving Log 5.0 SkyDrive sync working. Maybe in the final Windows 8.1 this isn’t necessary anymore, but at least in the current preview it works only when the files are available offline.


Diving Log for Windows Phone update released

June 28th, 2013

Today I’ve submitted an update of the Diving Log Windows Phone app to the store. It is an update for WP 7.1, 7.8 and 8.0 devices and contains these new features (supported WP version):

  • Online dive site search (7.1, 7.8, 8.0)
  • Contacts integration (8.0)
  • New small and wide tile sizes (7.8)
  • Theme adjustments to match 8.0 version (7.1, 7.8)
  • Bug fixes (7.1, 7.8, 8.0)

Contacts integration:

In WP8 apps can provide custom data for the phone contacts (people hub). In Diving Log you can integrate now your buddies and dive shops into the phone contacts very easily by activating two switches. The contacts will be automatically merged by Windows Phone with any existing contacts, so you won’t end up with double entries. You can disable that again at any time and the contacts disappear from the hub.

Contacts1D Contacts2D

To enable that feature, open either the buddy or shop list in Diving Log and tap on the phone book icon in the app bar. Then activate one or both toggles to integrate your logbook contacts into the phone contacts. Diving Log will be just another contact source like, Gmail or Facebook.

When you add, edit or delete buddies or shops in Diving Log on the phone, the details will be updated automatically in the contacts hub. When you modify logbook contacts on other devices (e.g. on the desktop) and sync the logbook file to the phone, you have to press the “Refresh” button after syncing the new logbook to the phone to update the phone contacts. This doesn’t happen automatically, because it could take a while depending on the number of contacts and I wanted to let you decide if and when this happens.

Online dive site search for tablet and phone

June 25th, 2013

In Diving Log 5.0 on the desktop you already can perform an online search for dive sites and import new sites into your own logbook. This feature will be available now also in Diving Log on Windows Phone and Diving Log Touch on Windows 8 in the next update. You can either search for a dive site name or search for dive sites nearby, which means in these touch centric apps near the center of the map. When you tap on an online dive site flag and then again on it’s label, you can import this dive site into your logbook.

Diving Log Touch: Open the app bar and click on “Search”. Enter a search term to filter your existing dives, then tap on “Search online”. Click on “Search nearby” in the app bar to search for dive sites at the center of the map:


Diving Log for WP: Tap on the “Search” icon in the app bar. Enter a search term to filter your existing dives, then tap into the map to hide the keyboard. Now tap on the new icon “Search online” in the app bar. Open the app bar menu and tap on “Search nearby” to search for dive sites at the center of the map:

Map2D Map3D

Diving Log 5.0.11 released

June 10th, 2013

After two betas, the next stable version is now completed and can be downloaded from the download website. These are the new features since version 5.0.10:

  • New Profile Editor
  • Templates are editable
  • Scubapro LogTrak Import (Meridian)
  • OSTC 3 download support (Universal Downloader)
  • Mares Dive Organizer Update (SQLCE4)
  • Liquivision Lynx and Dive Logger 3.0 support
  • Libdivecomputer update
  • Uwatec Galileo Trimix import improved
  • UDDF import improved for VPlanner

The last 4 changes were added since the last beta version, with Liquivision Lynx support as the main new feature. But there were also some minor tweaks for the Galileo Trimix and UDDF imports from VPlanner. Special thanks also to Jef Driesen for constantly working on libdivecomputer. If you want to support this project, you can find a donate button on the website. Libdivecomputer is the open source download library behind the universal downloader in Diving Log and many other applications.

Diving Log Touch – SkyDrive Sync

June 4th, 2013

Today I’ve released the next update of Diving Log Touch to the Windows Store, which should be available within one week. Beside the new statistic charts I’ve also implemented SkyDrive sync into the logbook management pane. While you could save to SkyDrive (and Dropbox) before by using the file picker integration, the new integrated sync is more comfortable and easier to use. You can now sync easily between Diving Log 5.0, Diving Log for Windows Phone and Diving Log Touch.


Diving Log Touch – Statistics

May 26th, 2013

The next update of Diving Log Touch for Windows 8 and Windows RT includes most of the charts already available in Diving Log 5.0. To view the charts, just scroll to the right in the statistics section. To change the type of the chart, tap on the header title (e.g. “Chart Years”) and a dropdown list appears.




Diving Log Beta Update

May 20th, 2013

You can download a new beta, which contains the latest libdivecomputer library and these new features:

  • Support for OSTC 3 (Universal Downloader)
  • Support for Suunto DX (Universal Downloader)
  • Support for Oceanic Pro Plus 3 (Universal Downloader)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements in libdivecomputer
  • Android ScubaLog sync improvements
  • Scubapro LogTrak (Meridian) import improvement

Install this update setup into the already existing Diving Log folder.

Diving Log Beta now available

April 28th, 2013

You can download a new beta version with the following new features:

Install the update setup into the existing Diving Log program folder. The new Scubapro LogTrak import makes enables you to import dive data from the Scubapro Meridian dive computer. The updated Mares Dive Organizer import supports the new database format of the latest Dive Organizer version. If you notice any bugs or problems, please let me know.

Profile Editor

April 28th, 2013

The next beta will contain another great new feature:  in the new profile editor you can view all profiles and the data in a single window, you can edit every profile value in the data grid or in the graphic view and you can create entire new profiles from scratch by simply drawing them with your mouse. You can also copy and paste parts of the profile or between Excel and Diving Log and you can insert or delete rows.

Click on "Profile Editor" in the logbook window

Click on “Profile Editor” in the logbook window

The profile editor window has 3 panes, which are freely resizable. On top is the main profile area where you can manipulate the profile and select parts of it with the mouse. You can insert gas switches from the context menu and in draw mode you can manipulate the profile line directly. To change the profile type, select one of the profiles on the right. The profile data pane on the bottom is synchronized with the visual view on top. Any selection you make in either pane, it will be also visible in the other.

Profile Editor

Profile Editor

When you activate the draw mode from the toolbar, you can manipulate the profile line directly with the mouse or you can draw an entire new profile, if none exists. To change the drawing surface range, click the zoom buttons in the toolbar. As you can see in the screenshots below, the “Tank pressure 2″ line is not available at first. The left part was entered in the data grid by selecting all cells and entering the value to get a nice straight line. The right part was created with the mouse in the profile pane on top.

Draw new profile with the mouse

Draw new profile with the mouse…

or enter the values in the profile grid

…or enter the values in the profile grid

You can also open 2 or more editor windows at the same time, e.g. to compare profiles from different dives or from your buddy. In the next screenshot you can see how the deco ceiling is created in the profile editor, because it couldn’t be downloaded from the dive computer:

You can edit all selected cells at once

You can edit all selected cells at once

2 editor windows snapped side by side

Two editor windows snapped side by side

The profile editor is a really powerful tool if you want to manipulate any dive profile, either because the data is recorded or imported incorrectly or because the data is not available. You can enter for example the compass course, because only few computers can actually record that. And you can finally view all available profiles and the data in a single window.

Logbook Templates

April 24th, 2013

The next update will contain an improved template function. Templates are a great way to quickly update several dives at once where certain data remains identical. For example, during a vacation you only have to enter all data for the first dive. Then create a template from this dive by selecting all the fields that won’t change during the vacation, e.g. country, city/island, tank size and type, dive suit, etc. For the other dives you can simply apply the template and all the data gets filled in automatically.


Create new template

Select fields for this template

Select fields for this template

Up to now you couldn’t modify a template once you’ve saved it, which was a bit painful when you forgot to check some fields. In the next version you can update or overwrite any existing template and add or remove fields, which makes it a lot easier. If you haven’t used it yet, I recommend you try it the next time you want to update several dives at once. You can also watch a short video, even though it’s from version 4.0.

Apply template to several dives

Apply template to several dives