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Diving Log for Windows Phone update

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Today an update of Diving Log for Windows Phone has been released with the following new features:

  • Statistic Charts
  • Dropbox login problem fixed
  • Dutch language pack (many thanks to John H!)
  • SkyDrive rebrand to OneDrive
  • Bug fixes

In the statistics section, you can now swipe to the right to view 12 different charts from the desktop and touch versions right on your phone:

Chart1 Chart2
Chart3 Chart4

Diving Log for Windows Phone update released

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Today I’ve submitted an update of the Diving Log Windows Phone app to the store. It is an update for WP 7.1, 7.8 and 8.0 devices and contains these new features (supported WP version):

  • Online dive site search (7.1, 7.8, 8.0)
  • Contacts integration (8.0)
  • New small and wide tile sizes (7.8)
  • Theme adjustments to match 8.0 version (7.1, 7.8)
  • Bug fixes (7.1, 7.8, 8.0)

Contacts integration:

In WP8 apps can provide custom data for the phone contacts (people hub). In Diving Log you can integrate now your buddies and dive shops into the phone contacts very easily by activating two switches. The contacts will be automatically merged by Windows Phone with any existing contacts, so you won’t end up with double entries. You can disable that again at any time and the contacts disappear from the hub.

Contacts1D Contacts2D

To enable that feature, open either the buddy or shop list in Diving Log and tap on the phone book icon in the app bar. Then activate one or both toggles to integrate your logbook contacts into the phone contacts. Diving Log will be just another contact source like, Gmail or Facebook.

When you add, edit or delete buddies or shops in Diving Log on the phone, the details will be updated automatically in the contacts hub. When you modify logbook contacts on other devices (e.g. on the desktop) and sync the logbook file to the phone, you have to press the “Refresh” button after syncing the new logbook to the phone to update the phone contacts. This doesn’t happen automatically, because it could take a while depending on the number of contacts and I wanted to let you decide if and when this happens.

Online dive site search for tablet and phone

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

In Diving Log 5.0 on the desktop you already can perform an online search for dive sites and import new sites into your own logbook. This feature will be available now also in Diving Log on Windows Phone and Diving Log Touch on Windows 8 in the next update. You can either search for a dive site name or search for dive sites nearby, which means in these touch centric apps near the center of the map. When you tap on an online dive site flag and then again on it’s label, you can import this dive site into your logbook.

Diving Log Touch: Open the app bar and click on “Search”. Enter a search term to filter your existing dives, then tap on “Search online”. Click on “Search nearby” in the app bar to search for dive sites at the center of the map:


Diving Log for WP: Tap on the “Search” icon in the app bar. Enter a search term to filter your existing dives, then tap into the map to hide the keyboard. Now tap on the new icon “Search online” in the app bar. Open the app bar menu and tap on “Search nearby” to search for dive sites at the center of the map:

Map2D Map3D

Diving Log for Windows Phone 8 released

Sunday, January 20th, 2013


The Windows Phone version of Diving Log is now updated to support the new Windows Phone 8 OS. While the WP7 app was running fine on WP8, the now released update has support for the new high DPI screen resolutions and tile sizes. You will find the update in the Windows Phone Store:



Below you can see the wide app tile with your last dive data on the back and the small app tile:

wp_ss_20130120_0001 wp_ss_20130120_0003

Diving Log for Windows Phone gets SkyDrive Sync

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

This one is long overdue, but now SkyDrive is finally integrated into Diving Log for Windows Phone. The update should show up on your phone within the next few hours. You’ll find SkyDrive now integrated into the sync page, which means you could drop Dropbox – if you want so (SkyDrive is also integrated into Diving Log 5.0 on the desktop).

SkyDrive Sync Tiles

I’ve also updated the design of the logbook hub start page, to resemble the design of Diving Log Touch for Windows 8. If you don’t like the white tiles, you can switch back to the accent color tiles in the app settings. The last new feature is the same split GPS coordinate editor I’ve added recently to Diving Log Touch. This update runs on WP 7 and WP 8 (Windows Phone 8 optimized version will be released in January).

Diving Log for Windows Phone Update

Monday, August 20th, 2012

A new update of Diving Log for Windows Phone (version 3.3) is now available. It got some new features, which were ported back from the upcoming Windows 8 touch version to Windows Phone. The dive list is now sorted descending by default, so the last dive is on top. You can change the sort order in the settings if you prefer the first dive on top:

The profile view has now a secondary profile like the desktop version. When you tap on the profile title (e.g. “Asc-/Descend rate”) you’ll get a selection list to switch the profile type. The ppO2 profile is currently not yet available. When you tap on the profile, you’ll get a full screen profile view.

And last but not least, images can finally be viewed in full screen when you tap on them, which is really useful for dive site maps and certifications:

You should see the update notification in your marketplace hub soon. As mentioned before, these are actually features which are back-ported from the Windows 8 touch version, so you can expect all these things already in the initial tablet version.

Diving Log, Windows 8 and tablets

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Last week, Microsoft released the Consumer Preview (beta) of Windows 8 and I’ve been testing it since then on an Acer 1825PTZ convertible laptop with touch screen and mouse + keyboard. Windows 8 will feature beside the classic desktop from previous versions an additional touch-first user interface. The new design language was first introduced in Windows Phone and is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Windows 8 Start Screen

Diving Log 5.0 on Windows 8

Diving Log 5.0 runs perfectly fine on the Windows 8 desktop and everything works exactly the same as on Windows 7 (and older).

I’ve also started working on a touch optimized version of Diving Log for the new touch UI of Windows, which will run on all upcoming Windows 8 tablets (ARM and x86 processors), but also on every Windows 8 PC (laptop or desktop PC) with mouse and keyboard. You can run both, the desktop version and the touch version on the same device (tablet, laptop, desktop), which is especially interesting for convertible devices or tablets with attachable mouse and keyboards.

Here you can see which Diving Log version will run on which Windows version:

As you can see, the new touch version will run on all Windows 8 devices (but not older versions), the desktop version of Diving Log will run on the x86 Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), but not on the new ARM version (called Windows RT). So you have to decide which type of applications (desktop or touch) you want to run when you buy a new PC or tablet. It looks like that downloading dive computers will only be possible on the x86 versions, which is important to keep in mind if you want a tablet that can be used for that.

As I’ve written, I’ve already started working on the new tablet version of Diving Log, but it is too early to show you anything. But I can tell you that the user interface will look similar to the Windows Phone version of Diving Log, with a clean, touch friendly design, but of course optimized for bigger screens. As soon as I have something to show, I’ll post it here in the blog.

Windows 8 will be available later this year (I expect October / November) and contains a new app store, which is the only place to download new Win RT apps.

Diving Log for Windows Phone update

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Today Diving Log 3.1 for Windows Phone has been released to the marketplace. It contains the following new features:

  • Search function for lists (dive sites, buddies, etc…)
  • Retrieve dive site coordinates from GPS
  • Buddy signature for dives
  • Dive site map
  • Navigation features within the map

Your buddy can now sign your dives on the phone and the signature will sync back to the PC. The signature will also sync to the iOS Dive Log and Dive Log Manager:

The integrated dive map experience will show all your dive sites with GPS coordinates (like the PC version). When you tap on a flag the name will be shown. Another tap on the label will navigate to the dive site details page. Additionally the map can show your current position on the map and calculate navigation data like speed, distance to the selected dive site and ETA (estimated time of arrival). You can pin the map right on your WP start screen and if you have a dive site selected, it will automatically zoom to that region. That way you can quickly access your favorite dive sites or the island of your next trip right from the start screen:

Tap on the new search button in the app bar to filter countries, cities, dive sites, etc. In the dive site editor, the position button will retrieve your current position and store it in the coordinate fields. The background color shows you the accuracy (red = bad, yellow = average, green = good):

Diving Log 3.0 for Windows Phone released

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

The marketplace testing team was really quick and approved version 3.0 of Diving Log for Windows Phone (you should get the update notification in the next few hours on your 7.5 device). This is a big update and brings finally the long awaited editing functionality to your phone. Now you can add, edit and delete the following logbook data right on your phone:

  • Dives
  • Countries
  • Cities
  • Dive sites
  • Buddies
  • Equipment
  • Shops and dive centers
  • Trips
  • Personal data and certifications

I’ve implemented many data pickers, so you won’t have to type a lot of text. You can also add photos from the pictures hub or right from the camera and store them within your logbook. You can upload the changes to your Dropbox and import them to the Diving Log desktop version, where you could merge your dive data with profiles and other data from your dive computer. When you’re done you sync everything back to your phone.

In the next couple of minor updates I’ll add things like GPS coordinate picker for dive sites, buddy signature, equipment items used for a dive and more.

Diving Log 2.2 for Windows Phone released

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

You should see the update notification on your Windows Phone 7.5 within the next few hours, and it contains some great new features:

  • Secondary Live Tiles
  • More dive data
  • Navigate through your logbook with linked items
  • Tap-to-dive support in the statistics
  • Landscape support on all pages

You can now pin parts of your logbook data right onto the start screen of your phone, e.g. a dive, equipment item, dive site, buddy, your next trip or your certifications for quick and easy access. When you tap on the tile you get straight to that item within your logbook. Most of the tiles are 2-sided and display further information on the back, e.g. the next service date of your equipment or the GPS coordinates of that dive site.

You can tap now on any section on the dive overview page to navigate to a detailed page with more data. Now almost the complete logbook data from your desktop logbook is supported on Windows Phone (editing of that data will be possible early next year). When you tap on linked items like country, city, place, trip and dive center, you can navigate right to that item. You can also tap on the statistics page on any of the highlighted numbers to navigate to that particular dive. That gives you a nice and fluent navigation through your logbook data.